Daily Challenge

Every morning I am going to start the day with a daily challenge. This will hopefully help both you and I keep our homes tidy, which we all know is not an easy task! There is not a certain time when the challenge must be done, just do it when ever you can.

The daily challenges for Tuesday 10-18-11

  • Dishes, Dishes, and more Dishes! Wash every single last dish in the sink, dry them, and put them all away!
  • The 2 bag challenge – get 2 grocery bags, walk around the house and fill one bag with trash and the other bag with items that can either be donated, or given away. (If your feeling like you can handle it get 2 trash bags instead of grocery bags)
  • Do a load or 2 of laundry. Whatever needs to be done the most, clothes, sheets or towels.

You can do it!!


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