Daily Challenge for Friday 10-21-11

The challenges for today are:

  • The 20 item pickup challenge – Start at one end of your house and make your way around into every single room, picking up 20 items in each room. This isn’t as hard as it sounds. Pick up and put away 20 items from every room. Some rooms might not have 20 items, just pick up what is there and move on to the next one. If your feeling like you can handle it, make your way into closets/laundry rooms/garages/ ect..
  • Pick a drawer challenge – We all have at least one messy drawer in our house. Wether it be a junk drawer full of pens and papers, a bathroom drawer collecting odds and ends, or a kitchen drawer cluttered with too much utensils. Pick one and organize it! Throw away the trash and give away items that are not being used.
  • Do a load of laundry!

You can do it!


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