Daily Challenge for Sunday 10-23-11

Today our challenge has nothing to do with cleaning the house. It is Sunday and Sunday is family day. So our challenge for today is to spend some quality time with our families. Is that a challenge? Yes, it can be! Turn off the T.V., the computer, the video games, and give the texting a rest. I know that’s not always an easy task, but try your best.

Today my little sister is getting married! So it is a very special day for me. I will have all of my family and my closest friends all together in one place! All to celebrate my sisters special day, what a blessing. We even have family from Connecticut here! So it definitely is going to be a family day for me.

If you are anywhere near the San Diego area and are not sure what to do with your family today, one of my favorite places to drive to is Julian. Pack the fam in the car and drive up to Julian! Julian is a small mountain town with restaurants¬†and shops. Our favorite things to do once we are there is to have lunch at the Candied Apple Bakery (they have the best brussel sprout soup and maccaroon cookies), get a piece of pie at Mom’s Pies and to do a little shopping (emphasis on the little, shopping is not my husbands favorite thing). The kids like to ride in the horse-drawn buggy, and to stop at the old fashion candy store. It is even apple picking time right now! There are many orchards that allow you to walk around and pick your own apples. We have competitions to see who can find the biggest apple! Whatever you do, make special memories today! After all that is what matters most in life, the special moments we share with our loved ones.

Have a great day!


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