Carnitas Hash

This last weekend the family and I went out to breakfast. My husband ordered Carnitas Hash. Neither one of us had ever tried this before but the waitress said that it was one of her favorites, so my husband decided to try it. He really liked it and asked if I could try to make something like that at home for him. This is what I came up with.

  • Package of Carnitas (I found this at Costco and all it needs is to be heated. The great thing is that this package comes with two pouches of carnitas. I can use one for my husband’s breakfast and the other I can make burritos for the kids for a quick dinner on a busy night.)
  • 1 large potato (I microwaved the potato for 2 minutes before I peeled and diced it. This lessens the frying time of the potato.) peeled and diced.
  • Diced onion (as little or as much as you would like
  • Salt & Pepper to taste
  • Oil to fry the potato and onion in
  1. First I fried the potatoes and onion on medium high heat until they started to get a nice brown carmelized color. This is the point where I seasoned with salt and pepper (remember the carnitas comes seasoned so don’t over do it).
  2. In a second frying pan I fried up the carnitas until it was heated through. Then added it to my potatoes and onions.
  3. In the same frying pan as I used for the carnitas, I fried up some scrambled eggs in the bit of pork fat left from the carnitas. Topped the eggs with some cheddar cheese and served it all with warm flour tortillas. That way my husband could make a breakfast burrito if he wanted to.


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