Daily Household Challenge Monday 11-14-11

Wow what a wonderful 4 days with the kids! Our last 4 days have been jammed pack full of fun. We brought the kids to see the new movie Puss & Boots (pretty cute, probably won’t be a classic but still cute). We had a birthday party, 2 sleepovers, the Walk To Cure Diabetes, girl time at the mall, a visit to a science museum, and championship softball games. Whew!!!

It’s Monday now, time to refocus on whats been neglected. My house!!!

Todays challenges are:

  • 20 item pick up. Make your way through every room in your house and pick up 20 items in each room. If there’s not 20 items in a room just pick up what’s there and then move on to the next room. If there is more than 20 items don’t worry we’ll get back to that later.
  • 20 minute clean up. Go back to the room that still needed the most work. Set a timer for 20 minutes and clean untill the timer goes off.
  • Do a load of laundry.

Have a great Monday, you can do it!


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