DIY Headbands

My daughter plays travel softball and just recently her team made it to a big national tournament. We thought it would be fun to make matching headbands for all the girls on the team. This was a fun project for my daughter and I, and the headbands looked adorable on the girls. You can choose any color combo to match any teams colors. You could even make headbands to match any outfit for school. At the beginning of every school year I make matching hair accessories for my daughters new outfits, it’s much cheaper and way cuter. I’ll show how to make bows and clips in another post.

First we went to Micheal’s to pick out our supplies.

Choose two colors of ribbon. You want the bottom ribbon to be wider than the top so both colors show. I measured the ribbon to my daughters head then cut both colors the same. You will also need elastic. It is sold by the ribbon. Cut pieces of elastic, remember that the elastic stretches so you don’t need that big of a piece. You want the headband to fit snug so it does not slip off.

We used a permanent glue to glue both pieces of ribbon together. this is what it looks like. Make sure it says permanent.

Once everything was cut and glued we carefully burnt the ends of the ribbon. This is to prevent the ribbon from fraying. Then we sewed the elastic to the ribbon.

Then you are done! We made one sample first to make sure that it fit and that everything looked right.

Strawberry Picking

We took the kids to the Carlsbad Strawberry fields to pick our own strawberries this past weekend! We had such a great day. The weather was beautiful, the sun was out but the breeze from the ocean was cool. The strawberries were big, red, and delicious, the red stains on the kids finger tips and mouths were proof of that. I think the kids picked one for their bucket then one for their mouth, so even though the cost was $8.75 a bucket we got our monies worth! We held a contest to see who could find the biggest, reddest, juiciest strawberry but there were so many that I don’t think we ever decided on a winner. Hopefully we made memories that the kids wont soon forget, I still remember my mom taking me when I was little. With all of our yummy strawberries we tried two new recipes, one for a strawberry pie and one for strawberry ice. Will post pictures and recipes next!

My son reaching for a good one!