Halloween Craft – Ghosts

I was looking through an old Halloween edition of Taste Of Home and I came across this cute and very easy craft.Here is a list of items you will need to make these ghosts:

  • Round white balloons
  • Cheesecloth –  Cut to lengths of about a yard. The Michaels by me did not carry cheesecloth but Wal-mart did.
  • Black permanent marker
  • Glow sticks (optional) We made them with glow sticks and without. They were cute both ways. The glow sticks did not last very long though.
  1. Activate a glow stick and insert it into a balloon. Then inflate and knot the balloon.
  2. Position the knot at the top of the balloon, and use the permanent marker to draw eyes and a mouth.
  3. Drape the cheesecloth over the balloon, cut a small hole and push the knot through the fabric. Secure with string (I used fishing line, we have a lot of that around here) and hang in the breeze

The kids had fun making these ghosts! (NOTE: I found that the balloons didn’t stay inflated for very long. This craft should be made on Halloween day)


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